Friday, November 16, 2012

My writing sample, in the bush

My legs ached as we continued to walk. Although it was a cool day I was heating up like left over mince in the microwave. We had won a family trip for five to go on a four day trip including a walk through the Queensland rainforest in Australia. So far it had been an unbelievable experience. “I can’t wait for the swim”. I said to myself with excitement. “Come on boy, we’re nearly there.” My father yelled.

“WoooHooo” I cheered happily! We had made it to the creek. It was time to swim. My brother and I jumped and bombed from the tree. “KABOOM” The bomb went. I had been planted into the crystal clean water. I could feel something slithering up my leg.No I had been pulled in.

“Ahh” Its a crocodile. My mother screamed. It had taken a bite into my right leg. Blood quickly spread throughout the water. It was a pool of blood. Breathless I had somehow managed to get my head up and out of the water for air. I had a short glance of my family before I was pulled back down. My family was in disbelief. “NO” I screamed.

Awakening to the scene of an ambulance is a nightmare. For me a reality. Looking down my body my right leg was hanging on by a thread. “My son” Mum screamed. Sadly for the doctor his shoe was covered with vomit as I couldn’t bear the sight. “Into the ambulance, 3,2,1” The doctor demanded. From there on it was lights out.

Again I had awakened, but this time in the ambulance. I lifted my arm and I was as pale as mayonnaise. Surgery had to have been done quickly. But the nearest hospital was still 30 minutes away.

Somehow I was still alive as I had made it to the hospital. Finally we were there. Overhearing the doctors speaking, one of them said that I had sadly lost over fifty percent of my blood. I was rushed to surgery. I didn’t know I was going to survive with all that blood lost. Was I going to make it?

It was blurry as I looked around. Surrounded by my family I was in a hospital bed. It had been three days since my crocodile attack. I was in a coma for two days. The doctors didn’t know if I was going to survive.

I was stoked that I survived and even more happy to hear the news that the surgeons were able to reattach my leg while operating. “Thanks Doc; Oh yeah and one more thing; I am never swimming in an Australian creek again!” I said to the doctor.

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