Friday, May 4, 2012

Daniella Hulmes Abundance

Daniella Hulmes is a New Zealand painter who is origanally from Hollland. Earlier in her life she trained to become a nurse. She came to NZ in 1981 and got married to a Samoan man. After Being in a art class in high school she wanted to be an artist. So Her husband, one day bought her an easil.
In the early 1990’s Daniella had a business in fashion knitwear design for children.  Also for four years from 1994 onwards she had a business in pottery. In the following year (1999) She was a finalist for the Waitakare license trust award.

Bright Colours like pink,red,yellow,blue and green are what colours she would use. It stands out as her paintings are based on the islands. For example she would have a brown skinned figure and she would be in a vibrant pink colour. She has and Awesome technuqie with a big bold outline.Daniella paints with bright vibrant colours.

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