Monday, April 30, 2012

Waikato Chiefs

I am AMAZED how far the Waikato Chiefs have come in the super 15 investec 2012 rugby season. Currently on top of not only the NZ conference but first in the Australian and South African conference! With several wins and Only two losses they are sure to take it out this year. Before I go I would like to say....."GO THE CHIEFS!"


  1. Wow Kayde, that's an awesome post about the Waikato Chiefs, you have a lot of confidence in this team, good luck for the season.

    Keep up the awesome work Kayde!!!!
    from your mate Joe.

  2. Hey Kayde!

    Nice writing and I think the Cheifs are going to take it out to. Even though I go for the Auckland Blues, I'm slowly losing hope in the Blues due to their massive losing streak. And by the way, Cheifs are my secondary team.
    Keep up the good work Kayde..
    Matthew R

  3. Wow Kayde,
    Goes to show that you really are a supporter of the cheifs huh ?. I really wonder whos going to take them out?. Do you reckon anyone is good enough to atleast beat them ?.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Woooow Kayde,
    that was an amazing story about the chiefs I also hope they will take it out as well..
    Keep up the good work Kayde.GO THE CHIEFS..:)


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