Friday, June 1, 2012

Kiwi Kick Recount!

Walking to the courts I looked up to the sky and it looked as if it was going to rain. “I wonder if this is going to be called off” I thought in my head.My teeth chattered back and forth. Goose bumps emerged on my skin as I arrived and I couldn’t bear the coldness.

Sam (samwhich) and a lady called Anita were the tutors who will teach us about kiwi kick. With a bit of experience from last year we weren’t that bad! Last year Sam was also our AFL teacher accompanied with a guy named Abe.

In kiwi kick there is a style of kick called the drop punt. There is a rhyme called laces away from faces. That is the best technique to use for this kick as the ball could drop out your hands, you kick it and it goes straight into your face. And now for a tip. If you attempt this kick the ball as low as you can.

“Got you Kayde” My mate Cruz yelled as he nipped my shirt. I had been tagged meaning that I had to sit on the ground until the person who tagged me was caught. This game was cool but at the same time challenging. But for me it was a piece of cake! Funny enough.

I remember another of the games that we played. We had to drop punt the ball and either hit Sam,Anita or the pole which was about 2 inches wide. But the most challenging thing to kick to was the net. The points were 1 if you hit the tutors, 3 if you hit the pole and 5 if you get in in the net. We had two attempts each. First attempt I scored two points hitting the pole and the second, not so good. But it was still fun!

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