Friday, August 24, 2012

My 2012 Cross Country re-cap

My leg muscles ached, I was physically drained of energy. I nearly gave into the temptation of stopping to walk, but with the little bit of energy I had left I persevered. Suddenly I was hit with this sudden burst of energy, I made a quick sprint burst it was as if I was super-man.

The mud squelched as I ran through mud puddle after mud puddle. I was literally soaked in it. Though, it didn’t stop me then......”BOOM” I had miss placed my foot, I slipped into the ground. In doing so I gave up the lead. Even though it was in the bush walk, a muddy treacherous place, I was still surprised to have fallen.

Crossing the finish line was amazing! I was especially proud of myself because during the race there were times where I could have been lazy and stopped to walk. Luckily my fitness pulled through. Like last year I conquered the bush walk. Sort of like the story of David and Goliath!

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  1. Wow Kayde

    That was probably the best peace of writing I've ever herd from you,you hooked me write into your writing I love how you showed not told the mud sounds "YUK".

    keep up the awesome and great work Kayde


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