Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Term 2 recap!!

This term I have really been in and out. By that I mean good at times and bad at times. Also this term has been AMAZING how we learnt about our term 2 topic bigger,better,faster and stronger! We had a chance to study five words that each teacher of our team 5 had, Discovery ( Miss Nua ), Creativity ( Miss Tito ), Imagination ( Miss Lagitupu ) Innovate ( Mr Harris ) and Practicality ( Mr Barks ). The word I was really wanting to keep on studying about practicality!!! This word means that you can take stuff and make them better, for example. When Leo Nardo Divinci found a pair of blunt scissors, and instead of throwing them away he kept them, and to this day there are different types of scissors!

What I am looking froward to next term is one, our new topic, two switching on in class and three.. UM... HAVING FUN!!

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