Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Picnic recount!!!!

Already my legs were pushed to its ‘BREAKING POINT!!!’ and we were only halfway down the track of the Point England reserve!!!! I was releived as much as my heart could get when the picnic grounds were in my sights!!!! “ YAH “ I thought as we settled into our picnic enviroment!!! “ At Long last, no more pain the long, but short to some walk is finally over!!!

As Mr Burt explained the rules for this fun day my first thought was to play cricket. “BORING!!!”
I quietly whispered to myself. I thought that Mr Burt said the this was going to be a quick five minute talk once we arrived there. It went on and on!! But at long last it was a sigh of relief when we knew that it was time to go “WILD” and “CRAZY!!!” But as usual the intermediate block had to find a good spot. My hopes of having an “ ULTRA AMAZING!!!” time was shattered, That was until.......

I stick to what I say and I’m going to do, and that I did!!! Already I was in the midts of an AWESOME game of cricket!!!! “These people are better than I intended!!!! I thought that I would easily bowl them out, but they put up a competative fight!!!!! I thought that I should have bowled harder balls , but yet they were still hitting the ball and finding a way to run. Inside I was ‘CRANKY’!!!! But I knew not to give up and also to fight on and my chance to bat would come.....And you know what, I did!!! And literally SMASHED the ball for MILES!!!!!

The end of the day was upon us. It was time to make our way back to school. A long walk was ahead of us after such a great day!!!!!!1

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