Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holiday highlight

“BOOYAAH!” In Rotorua once again.“ Time to see the cuzzies “ I said to my mum. “not yet” she replied. Nan’s expecting us any minute to arrive.

So upon our arrival, we popped in to see our nan, who recently moved down there from Auckland, just to say hello. Because she lives in a place with thermal ground we, the kids took a walk around Ohinemotu while the adults had a cuppa.

Along the way we saw some boiling ngawha pools and some beautiful carved marae. There was about three marae, Tuno Hopu my marae, Tama Te Kapua and Tiki. If your not one of those people who are unlucky to sight see Rotorua , a ngawha pool is a VERY HOT pool that can scold you to death, and also a bath. As long as you add cold water. And a marae is a place that you hold funerals and maybe an opening of something. “Time to go”Said my mum.

Arriving at my dads house I parked my but in front of the tv and watched a smashing of the kiwis from the Australian kangaroos in the four Nations warm up. Try after Try for Australia and it looked in doubt for the kiwis until kiwi young gun Kevin Locke scored. making the 24-6. But again another try to Aussie until they reached 48-6 the final score. Aussie with a victory. Australia wasn’t only playing for a spot in the four nations, but for rugby league immortal, Darren Lockyer.

Going to my aunties house was a bit scary because her daughters dislike me. I over came that and got along with them very well. After an imaginary shoot out with my cousin Taine and brother Gabriel we tried to get the lawn mower started to do my aunty a favour. After two pulls it started up and we were under way. Row after row we mowed and the look on her and my mum’s face was amazing. We were so tired, so a sleep over was under way.

“Nah, I want that pillow” My little cousin said as they fought over the pillows. I just wanted to get out of there, but as long as my mum and aunty went to the fish and chip shop we couldn’t leave. So me and my cousin, Taine set up an imaginative boat to keep the little kids occupied. “Watched out ahead, To the side, there’s shark after shark.” Screamed the crew of the fordblock boat. With a loud scream it was over, we had been defeated. As the saying goes, When your having fun, time flies!


  1. Hey Kayde it sound like you had lot's of fun at Rotorua i really like how u explained every thing perfectly it was really nice when i was reading it.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Kayde,

    I really like your hearing your story, it is obvious that you had a great time in Rotorua. You know, I have been inside a Marae before and it was huge! Anyway, keep up the Fantastic work.

    God Bless.

    By Joshua. Rm 20


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