Thursday, May 12, 2011


“RRRRRR” The whistle blew as our leading mentour Mike gathered everyone for our first youth pride holiday programme since Last year in December!!! It was a good time to catch up on things!!!! I was so eager to play more games but, we split up into two groups, boys and girls and were forced to introduce ourselves so that we got more courage for when speaking up front. Finally this little ( so called activity ) was over!!! Ready and split into 4 groups our day was set. I was in group three ( called Price Tag ) with Aidan and Nathaniel and I had a fair Idea of what to expect....FUN!!!!!

Our first team activity was set, but sadly it was on of my worst....’ The Shape game’. In this game Mike ( the programme runner ) would call out either letters or shapes to make. our first shape was an H and quickly followed by a capital Q!!! We aced through this activity only to be faced with some of the hardest shapes ever.....First up a car!!!!! We didn’t finish first but that didn’t bother us because this time we had to have good presentation!!!! It was time to mark us and we had a funny window wiper connected and got an extra 50 points!!! 150/100 and no suprisingly we won!!!!!! Secondly we had to make a church!!! Again extra points for good detail, after adding a door to our church!!! Again a win!!! 4 out of 4 in this challenge!!!

“ YAHHHH” the voices of the kids shouted when we were given the news that it was free time!!! So me and Matthew ( my best friend ) picked up a basketball and played around the world. I started dozing off when Matthew started creaming me!!! So as a sore loser I walked away and played to with another school friend of mine Dominiq. Matthew joined and we played an enjoyable game of touch!!! “ Lunch in five minutes” Mike explained!!! Boy was hungry!!! But we still had a game of touch to finish!!! The was five tries all!!! Beau put up a kick for Lepa and.... It was a try!!! Sadly I was on the losing side. But on the positive side we still had fun!!! “Man I’m hungry!!” I groaned......

All lined up in in our four teams it was time for lunch!!!! Team by team we entered the kitchen to receive our food!!! On the menu was sausage sizzles and fish burgers!!! “ Mmmmmm” I had already one skofed down my stomach and I was bound to have seconds!!! I was waiting for Mike to call out for seconds!!! “Line up if you want seconds!!!” I pushed my way to the front with my stomach still eager to digest more food!!! I took an AWESOME fish burger and then I was slightly full!!!! With the programme about to wrap up again, I had one more shot at goal and straight over!!!!!

With out a doubt this holiday programme was the best that I’ve been to!!!! sadly we wont see each other until December this year!!!! This has been the best two weeks of my life!!! “PLEASE COME BACK SOON YOUTH PRIDE!!!!”

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time Kayde. Lots of fun friendship and great food!
    You are starting to link your ideas well from one paragraph to the next to create a more cohesive piece of writing for your audience to read.
    Nice job Kayde.
    Mrs Nua


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